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Voice + Performance

Beverly, Sawako and Rebecca

We have founded Studio Blankenship3 in Vienna to help singers improve their performance and guide them onto the path of an operatic career.
We are three opera professionals with whom you can work on deepening your vocal technique as well as broadening your acting and musical skills.

- REBECCA BLANKENSHIP, dramatic soprano, has a long standing international career in opera and theatre (

- Her sister BEVERLY BLANKENSHIP is an international director of opera and theatre and runs the Opera Studio of the Master's Degree Program at the University for Music and the Performing Arts Vienna (

- SAWAKO YAMADA-BLANKENSHIP is an opera coach and Lied-accompanist at the Vienna University for Music and the Performing Arts Vienna and accompanies many international recitals

Our individual and combined skills cover all areas of opera and classical singing:

Rebecca Blankenship - Voice and Expression
Vocal technique – deepening of breath control – vocal expression - vocal and musical authenticity.

Beverly Blankenship - Performance
Work on roles, insight into character. Physical expression. Expansion of one’s potential for expression.

Sawako Yamada-Blankenship - Musical Coaching

Precise musical coaching of operatic roles or Lied. Deepening of musical insight into a score. For pianists: instruction in accompaniment of Lied.

If you are interested in singing lessons with Rebecca or interpretation or role development with Beverly or would like to take musical coachings with Sawako you can book individual lessons with any of us or all three of us. Build your own program and profit from our experience and advice as well. Periodically we will also offer workshops fusing all areas.

We look forward to hearing from you
Rebecca, Beverly and Sawako

Vienna, Austria
Tel. +43 699 1118 7790